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Wait! Before you research oxygen and ozone therapy, read my story first...

My name is Bryan Rosner (I'm in the picture to the left). I've written 4 books on Lyme disease (see them here). I've tried many forms of oxygen and ozone therapy for my own Lyme disease, and I've written about them in my books. 

The version of oxygen therapy I've found to be most helpful is Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy. I can personally help you find the chamber that is best for your needs - just fill out this form. My help is free!

Did you know that there are two schools of thought on hyperbaric oxygen therapy? 

1. The first school of thought says that you should do "high pressure" therapy, usually at 2.4 ATA pressure. This is the kind of hyperbaric therapy you often find in clinics, with very expensive, "hard-shelled" chambers. The financial cost and travel inconvenience of these treatments usually means that people only use the therapy on a short-term bases; for example, 20, 40, or 60 "dives." Also, high-pressure chambers can have side effects if used for longer periods of time.

2. The second school of thought uses "mild," low-pressure, soft-shelled hyperbaric chambers, typically at 1.3 ATA pressure. These chambers are affordable for in-home purchase, and can be used for free after the initial purchase, on your own schedule, without timely and costly drives back and forth from clinics. They also have much fewer side effects. And, amazingly, some studies have found them as, or even more, effective than hard-shelled chamber treatment. 

Many Lyme disease sufferers have received only short-term benefit from hard-shelled chamber treatment, and have switched over to purchasing a "mild," low-pressure chamber for in-home use. I have personally made this choice (read my story here). Many Lyme doctors also advocate low-pressure treatment as well, as you can read in these selected blog posts from a Lyme doctor.

Before you spend all your money, and travel, to get treated at a clinic, you might want to save your money and consider purchasing a mild chamber for in-home use. I've spent a long time researching mild chamber brands, and I would love to connect you with a company that matches your needs. If you would like me to provide a free referral for you, please fill out this form, and I will have a hyperbaric oxygen rep contact you.


Ozone and Oxygen for Treating Lyme Disease 
(This article is an excerpt from this book)


zone is a gas that most people have heard about in relation to the atmosphere. While ozone can be dangerous to inhale, other methods of applying ozone to the body have many benefits for many health conditions. Oxygen is O2 (two oxygen molecules). Ozone is O3 (three oxygen molecules). Ozone is highly unstable and reacts with many things. When introduced into the human body, it has many biological effects.

Ozone therapies

Ozone mitigates the negative effects Lyme Disease has on the body. It re-establishes healthy bio-terrain and neutralizes neurotoxins. It also combats the acidic condition created by Lyme Disease because it is alkalizing. The best way to introduce ozone is to copy here a note from Marc Fett, one of the contributors to this book. 


Hi all,

Bryan and I want to post important preliminary findings and results as regards the addition of what is shaping up to be the most ideal and effective adjunct found for the rife machine program. Though the rife machine program takes a person all the way out of the woods over time (24 months on average for adults), our thrust has been to find way(s) to "shorten the runway" of healing.

Two problem areas along the route:

#1 Neurotoxins:

Like a squid squirting "ink" for survival, the Bb emits neurotoxins that serve several purposes for the Bb. It affects the host's neural/spinal/brain activities. In a localized area of cells/tissue, it creates "hypercoagulation" (or "thick blood"), and serves Bb by causing decreased circulation, oxygen, nutrient transfer and toxin removal, decreased hydrogen (lower ATP burning in the cell which means decreased energy overall), electron flow interruption (which means pain), alters various key cellular functions, and so on.

In the hypothalamus/pituitary area of the brain, Bb infection and neurotoxins result in everything from appetite, perspiration and temperature abnormalities, to careening , insomnia, grotesque dreams and near psychosis.

Additionally, when the Bb are killed (like during antibiotics, rife machine treatments, etc.), they also expel neurotoxins as they perish. Thus, the strong herx reactions during treatments.

Just how much a part the neurotoxins play is found by folks who take chito-power, questran, molybdenum, olive-lemon drink, sauna, etc., and see how improved they feel just by having neurotoxin levels reduced.

It has been one of the challenges in eradicating Lyme Disease with rife machines to use effective supplementation and other measures to try and detoxify, lessen the neurotoxin load and help with the herx reactions. Especially as Lyme Disease sufferers who come into rife machine therapy tend to be depleted and trashed already from long bouts with mis-diagnosed Lyme, and often long, grueling bouts with antibiotics, which have their own debilitating aspects.

It isn't that a person can't make it all the way back with just Rife (like Doug & family, Kay, Jean Graham. etc.), its just that the first many months can be quite arduous because of the herxes.

#2 Co-factors:

We've found that the effect of "co-factors" is not a minor issue. In fact, along with the cyst form of Bb, they play a major role in the overall timeframe of recovery and particularly in how arduous or not the recovery process is.

We have both been struck by several folks who succeeded in knocking the hell out of their lyme (by rife, ICHT, etc – with even tests showing positive to negative), but have these sticky, stubborn co-factor issues with virus, systemic Candida/leaky gut, mycoplasmas, heavy metal poisoning, etc. that had been catalyzed by the Bb, with some of these co-factors (like candidiasis) presenting symptoms virtually identical to lyme.

Bb has a definite and unique catalyzing effect on other microbes (virus, yeast, bacteria, parasite, etc.), and in bolstering these (or making previously dormant viruses active) Bb is in turn bolstered by the activity of the catalyzed microbes.

This relationship also exists with heavy metals and other environmental toxins. The Bb are attracted to metal-effected areas in the body (which act like weakening/damaging "kryptonite" to the cells and immune system), aggravating the effects of heavy metals. In turn the Bb are bolstered.

This document is an excerpt from the above book.

The Ideal Adjunct

I have done an array of treatments prior to rife machines – HBOC, UV blood irradiation, hydrogen peroxide drips, auto-hemotherapy, ozone, advanced oxygen aphaeresis, underground Lyme Disease clinics, etc. So, I looked over the notes of what had the biggest impact – no matter what the pathogen – and ozone stood out predominantly. 

Further new research showed the multi-faceted character of it that made it a perfect complement for rife machine therapy. With an ozone generator I had, I did some experimentation in a new day. The results were quite significant.

In conjunction with rife machines, ozone becomes an EXTREMELY potent, harmonic and effective adjunct. It is presenting the ideal "one-two punch".

And quite fitting. The rife machine technology comes from Dr. Rife and early ozone technology (cold plasma) comes from another near-contemporary genius, Nicola Tesla. And interestingly, both are still essentially electronic (though ozone uses a gas - oxygen - as a carrier for the electrons to nuke pathogens).

Ozone provides:

1. Able to kill spirochetes as well as ANY other pathogenic microbe – virus, bacterial, yeast, mycoplasma, parasite, prion, etc., contacted. In fact, is ATTRACTED to them by polarity.

2. Able to destroy infected cells, as well as mutated, malignant cells.

3. A powerful treatment for Candida.

4. An effective adjunct treatment for heavy metal chelation.

5. Pathogens are unable to build a resistance to it.

6. An effective treatment for brain, eyes, ear areas (using ozone applied locally to those areas).

7. As a by-product, provides bio-available oxygen to cells, to start a cascade of metabolic actions toward healing and rejuvenation and galvanizing of the immune system. Ozone breaks down into oxygen and singlet oxygen inside the body.

8. As a by-product, oxidizes toxins, including neurotoxins – THUS MARKEDLY REDUCING HERXES EVEN WHILE KILLING PATHOGENS.

9. As a by-product, scavenges free radicals and helps reverse the extensive free radical damage from a severe systemic infection like Lyme Disease.

10. The oxygenation provides for a more energized state.

11. Helps move pH toward alkaline from the acidic pH induced by chronic disease.

12. Potentiates other remedies, supplements, protocols.

13. Is natural, does not have side-effects, toxicity, or cumulative effects.

14. Is relatively cheap and able to be done at-home, whenever desired.

The best authority on ozone technology is Dr. Saul Pressman. His Tesla machines are what we use and find extremely beneficial. Dr Saul's forum can be found at, and you can visit his discussion group at 

Though preliminary, we both feel it is clear this is a MAJOR component toward "shortening the runway" and important to report this to you.

All the best,


This note, which was posted to the Lyme-and-rife group late in 2003, is an excellent summary of the benefits of ozone therapy. 

There are several ways to apply ozone therapy including ear insufflation, rectal insufflation, ozone sauna, drinking ozonated water, and breathing modified ozone (which has been bubbled through olive oil). Ozone sauna appears to be the most effective, but each method of ozone application has unique benefits. Once a person owns an ozone generator all methods of application are possible (ozone sauna requires either a sauna cabinet, or some other apparatus in which a person can sit). The basic equipment required to set up ozone therapy is:

1. An ozone generator. Ozone generators are available from the companies listed below. They vary in prices, quality, and features. Each company website has information about its ozone generators.

2. A source of oxygen such as breathing oxygen or an oxygen concentrator. A prescription for medical grade oxygen should be easy to acquire by explaining your situation to a reasonable physician. Information about oxygen concentrators can be found through the below referenced companies.

3. Treatment apparatus. This applies the ozone to the body. A different treatment apparatus is needed for each type of ozone application. Most treatment apparatuses cost less than $10, with the exception of a setup for an ozone sauna, which can range between $50 and $2,500, depending on quality and features.

The following online discussion groups offer support for people using ozone therapy: 

Companies selling quality ozone equipment: 

Some people have noticed ozone, despite its many positive effects, can have an antibiotic-like effect on Lyme Disease, and can thus cause suppression and dormancy of the bacteria similar to the use of any antibiotic. So, careful observation and caution is in order.

Warning: Ozone can mobilize mercury so if mercury toxicity is suspected, use ozone with caution.

Oxygen therapies

Regular oxygen (O2) has been found to be beneficial to Lyme Disease sufferers, especially if they live at higher elevations. Lyme Disease always creates oxygen deficiency in the body. Supplementing oxygen by breathing pure medical grade oxygen through a face mask can be tremendously beneficial in boosting immune system function and catalyzing healing within the body. Breathing pure oxygen while exercising increases the effect. 

Breathing pure oxygen is not cumbersome or inconvenient – it can be done while checking email or watching the nightly news. Even breathing pure oxygen for as little as 30 minutes per day can cause dramatic acceleration of healing and reduction of symptoms.

Obtaining a prescription for pure medical grade oxygen is not difficult when dealing with a reasonable physician. Just tell him/her that because of your chronic illness, you have found that you feel better when you occasionally breathe pure oxygen. There are no side effects and no risks to breathing pure oxygen so if a physician tells you that he can’t prescribe it, fire him and go see someone else.

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