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Homeopathic Series Remedy for Lyme Disease


ne of the most important aspects of developing a Lyme Disease treatment protocol is to strengthen and restore the immune system. This may seem obvious -- Lyme Disease is a bacterial infection, so it naturally follows that the immune system must kick into gear to uproot and defeat the infection. 

What is less obvious is the fact that Lyme Disease causes even more immune system dysfunction than other types of infections. Lyme Disease bacteria can literally evade and "shut down" the immune system. The bacteria can convince the body to live in harmony with the infection. Once this occurs, chronic Lyme Disease is the result, and the bacterial infection can persist for weeks, months, or years.

Unfortunately, boosting the immune system is not enough to eradicate Lyme Disease. Instead, a Lyme sufferer must employ a carefully planned and comprehensive treatment plan that covers all of the different aspects of the Lyme Disease complex. Establishing such a treatment plan is the focus of the two books I have written (Lyme Disease and Rife Machines and The Top 10 Lyme Disease Treatments). Although strengthening the immune system is not the complete answer, it is part of the answer. Hence, as new immune-boosting therapies began to emerge, I felt it necessary to produce this article, the purpose of which is to update my readers on cutting edge methods of increasing immune response against the Lyme Disease infection. Boosting the immune system is not the complete solution, but it is a big part of the answer.

As you have probably noticed in my books, I generally like to talk about therapies that are convenient, affordable, practical, and patient-friendly. This has not changed. Consequently, the following immune-boosting therapies are quite easy to implement into your current treatment plan.

How should the therapies be used?

How should these supplements and interventions be employed? Should they be used all at the same time? Should they be used continuously or intermittently? What should the duration of use be?

Before taking a look at the individual treatments, let's answer these questions. Essentially, the therapies should be used one at a time, on a rotational basis, for the period of time in which significant improvement and herx reactions are experienced. This is the same approach as described for most of the other treatments I mention in my books and web sites. It is also the same approach that governs antibiotic use as discussed in Chapter 1 of The Top 10 Lyme Disease Treatments.

Let's see how this works in a real-life example. Let's assume the first supplement you wish to use is Immunition (you’ll read about this supplement in a few pages). You should begin by slowly increasing your dose of Immunition up to the recommended dose, taking care to watch out for severe herx reactions. You can expect herx reactions with all of these therapies due to the fact that they combat the Lyme Disease infection in your body. For a detailed explanation of the herx reaction, see
Lyme Disease and Rife Machines, Chapter 4. Herx reactions should be tolerable, and if they become too severe, dosages can be backed off.

Once you have reached the target dose of Immunition, you will notice that it provides productive herx reactions and subsequent improvement for a period of time, typically ranging between 1-6 weeks. This is the “sweet spot” period of use. After herx reactions and improvement dwindle, the treatment should be discontinued. Then, you should take a break between immune-stimulating therapies. The break can also range in duration from 1-6 weeks (or longer if you are further along in your recovery process). 

After the break, you can begin to take the next immune-stimulating supplement, for example, Host Defense (which you will also read about in a few pages). This supplement can be used according to the same guidelines described above. Similarly, each additional therapy can also be used in the same fashion, with a period of application followed by a break. 

After you use each therapy and it loses its effect, you should not use that therapy again for a while. Typically, after about a year, each therapy will again have renewed effect. So, you should consider rotating through your list of supplements approximately once a year. This rule applies to most all supplements, not just those discussed in this article. For more information on using therapies on a rotational basis, download article 101 at

Now, let's move on to explore the specific immune-stimulating supplements this article will introduce you to.

Deseret Biologicals Homeopathic Series Remedy

This is the treatment I am most excited to tell you about. Homeopathy is an interesting and somewhat counterintuitive method of healing. Homeopathic treatment is accomplished by giving a patient with symptoms of a specific disease extremely small doses of a substance that produces the same symptoms in healthy people. In other words, theoretically, someone experiencing an illness that involves nausea would benefit from taking a homeopathic remedy which would also cause nausea in a healthy person. The homeopathic school of thought dictates that symptoms of a disease are actually the body's way of fighting that disease. By intentionally increasing symptoms with remedies that cause analogous symptoms, it is believed that the body will actually mount a more effective immunological response to the offending problem. Homeopathy causes the body to perceive the problem as being larger then it is, and this causes an amplified response.

Homeopathy is especially interesting in the treatment of Lyme Disease due to the fact that the presence of Lyme Disease bacteria―and associated neurotoxins―is immunosuppressive. Since homeopathy stimulates the body's response to the disease, it is basically able to "jump start" the immune system to engage in the fight against the infection. In other words, if there were ever a good disease on which to use homeopathy, Lyme Disease would be it.

But the benefits of homeopathy go even further. Most typical immune-stimulating supplements are simply intended to blindly increase the activity of multiple generic immune system functions. For example, some supplements cause an increase in white blood cells, other supplements cause an increase in phagocytosis (the rate at which the immune system destroys bacteria), while other supplements increase the count of natural killer cells. Homeopathy, on the other hand, gets right to the root of the issue not by generically boosting the whole immune system, but instead, by specifically targeting immune functions that relate exactly to the disease at hand.

Read about Treating Homeopathy with Lyme Disease in the above book.

The way this works in a practical situation is as follows. Let's say someone with Lyme Disease takes a homeopathic remedy intended for the treatment of Lyme Disease. This remedy will cause the immune system to believe that there are many more Lyme Disease bacteria in the body than there actually are. The homeopathic remedy will essentially "magnify" the bacterial infection. While the bacterial infection does not actually grow larger, the body will perceive it as larger, and, as a result, the body will increase immunological activities that directly fight the Lyme Disease infection. The most important component of these immunological activities is the production of antibodies, which are special immune system cells produced with the purpose of hunting down and killing one specific type of pathogen. In this case, a Lyme Disease homeopathic remedy will induce the body to produce Lyme-specific antibodies. This is a much greater benefit than achieved by other immune-stimulating supplements because the benefit is targeted and specific. Homeopathy is to most other immune supplements as a sniper rifle is to a shotgun approach.

You may, at this point, be convinced that you want to try a homeopathic Lyme Disease remedy. The next challenge, though, is to select an appropriate remedy. There are actually dozens of Lyme-specific homeopathic remedies on the market. I have first-hand information that suggests that many of these remedies are quite useless. Selecting an effective and appropriate homeopathic remedy is actually quite a tall task. 

Over the past two years, during my research of homeopathic remedies, I have consistently heard very positive things about Deseret Biologicals' homeopathic Lyme Disease remedy. In fact, many people have told me that they are currently in remission as a result of the Deseret remedy. Before I published this article, I wanted to be sure of these results. So, I held off in publishing this for about 8 months, during which time I continued to seek patient testimonials. Sure enough, the testimonials kept rolling in, so I decided to make this information available to you. 

There are definitely other Lyme Disease homeopathic remedies which are worth investigating and sampling. At this point, though, I'm confident in recommending the Deseret remedy as the most reliable and proven option. Additionally, the remedy is affordable and non-toxic. 

Deseret Biologicals, the manufacturer of this homeopathic remedy, does require that the treatment is supervised by a licensed health care practitioner. You can get a referral to a practitioner in your region by visiting the Deseret Website ( or calling the company (800.827.9529). Do not be alarmed by the requirement of physician supervision – most homeopathic remedies are sold over-the-counter, and, similarly, Deseret remedies are not dangerous and do not cause adverse reactions (other than herx reactions). Homeopathy is one of the safest medical therapies known to man. In fact, according to mainstream medical literature, homeopathy is one of the only treatments available that does not interact or conflict with prescription pharmaceutical drugs. 

An additional benefit of working with a health care practitioner who prescribes Deseret remedies is the fact that Deseret also produces remedies for several of the co-infections commonly associated with Lyme Disease. In addition to the Borrelia Burgdorferi remedy, Deseret produces remedies for:

Valley Fever
Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever
Epstein Barr 

This list was taken directly from Deseret company literature. Deseret also produces remedies for various viruses, urinary/respiratory tract infections, arthritis, and general bacteria. The practitioner you work with will be able to prescribe to you all of these remedies. Most of these remedies (including the Lyme Disease remedy we’ve talked about) are formulated as series remedies, which simply means that they are administered in a series of separate doses, each increasing in strength. Doses are typically given one week apart, or longer if herx reactions necessitate additional recovery time. 

Expect to have significant herx reactions during use of homeopathic remedies. These remedies are powerful and elicit true, authentic physiological responses inside the body. Educate yourself on how to properly deal with herx reactions. Further information on the topic of herx reactions can be found in my two books and elsewhere in Lyme Disease literature.

Homeopathy is one of the most powerful, non-toxic, and high-value treatments in the world. Do not overlook homeopathy as an important part of your treatment program. While the other treatments we look at in this article merely help stimulate general healing processes in the body, homeopathy goes further and actually induces the body to respond specifically to the threat at hand. Most immune supporting supplements attempt to activate the immune system externally, while homeopathy intrinsically stimulates the immune system to engage. 

There are several new Lyme Disease homeopathic remedies on the market, and I will endeavor to research them and produce articles on them as soon as possible.

Product Information

To learn more about the Deseret Lyme Disease series remedy, and to locate a physician who can prescribe it, visit The specific page for the Lyme remedy is You can call Deseret at 800.827.9529.

Please report your experiences with this remedy to the Lyme-and-rife group and Lyme Community Forums so we can stay up to date on how well this therapy works with Lyme Disease:

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