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Medicinal Mushrooms for Lyme Disease


aturally grown mushrooms, which are a type of fungi, are legendary in their medicinal qualities. Ancient artifacts and documents indicate that various types of mushrooms have been used to heal disease for thousands of years. In the current day and age, where medical practice is driven by political agenda and profit incentive, medicinal mushrooms have been all but forgotten. Hence, this discussion does not provide information that is new or unique, but instead, will hopefully serve to simply bring medicinal mushrooms back to the forefront of consumer consciousness.

Mushrooms are very powerful substances. We know this because consuming the wrong type of mushroom (such as the skull-cap mushroom) can kill you, and consuming other types of mushrooms commonly used by drug addicts can lead to a drug-induced high. In the same way, the nutritive power of mushrooms can also be harnessed for healing purposes.

The mushrooms most widely known for their medicinal qualities include maitake, shiitake, and reishi mushrooms. However, numerous other types of mushrooms also have valuable medicinal qualities.

Currently, mushrooms are widely studied throughout the world. The International Journal of Medicinal Mushrooms, chaired by researchers in the Ukraine and Israel, is published quarterly and contains patient case reports, literature reviews, letters to the editor, and other relevant information. You can visit their website at

The Journal of Wild Mushrooming is also a quarterly publication which addresses a wide scope of topics. Visit their website at

Numerous books have also been written about medicinal mushrooms, including:

1. MycoMedicinals: An Informational Treatise on Mushrooms, Third Edition, by Paul Stamets.
2. Sugars That Heal: The New Healing Science of Glyconutrients, by Emil I. Mondoa.
3. Medicinal Mushrooms: An Exploration of Tradition, Healing, & Cultures, by Christopher Hobbs.
4. Shiitake: The Healing Mushroom, by Kenneth Jones.

So what exactly are the health benefits of medicinal mushrooms? Of all of the supplements I have written about, medicinal mushrooms may be the one with the broadest application. At least several dozen medicinal mushrooms exist. Here is an abridged list of the benefits of medicinal mushrooms:

1. Antibacterial.
2. Anti-candida.
3. Anti-inflammatory.
4. Antioxidant.
5. Anti-tumor.
6. Antiviral.
7. Blood pressure reducing.
8. Blood sugar regulator.
9. Cardiovascular strengthener.
10. Cholesterol reducer.
11. Immune system strengthener and modulator.
12. Kidney tonic.
13. Lung/respiratory strengthener.
14. Nerve tonic.
15. Sexual potentiator.
16. Stress Reducer.

Indeed, although political and monetary forces of the economy have largely squeezed out alternative approaches to medicine, medicinal mushrooms are slowly but surely gaining due recognition. In fact, the list of well-known health care practitioners and researchers who recommend medicinal mushrooms is growing rapidly. The benefits of medicinal mushrooms have been verified by reputable and recognized scientific establishments such as The Ontario Cancer Treatment and Research Foundation, Drew University of Medicine and Science, and Georgetown University. Additionally, reports on medicinal mushrooms have appeared in many mainstream journals such as The Chemical and Pharmaceutical Bulletin, The American Journal of Chinese Medicine, the International Journal of Immunotherapy, The Japanese Journal of Pharmacology, and The European Journal of Biochemistry.When recovering from Lyme Disease, the specific immune-related benefits of medicinal mushrooms can accelerate healing from the Lyme Disease infection and its coinfections, while the other, more general benefits of medicinal mushrooms can help rebuild and strengthen the body after the damage done by chronic disease. Medicinal mushrooms should be considered one of the supportive components of a treatment plan. 

In addition to supplement products, medicinal mushrooms can easily be integrated into your diet. In fact, doing so can be quite pleasurable as some mushrooms have an exquisite taste and work well in all kinds of recipes, from casual meals to fine, gourmet food preparation. has a wide variety of quality mushroom recipes. Google also has a recipe search in which you can locate specific recipes with one or more ingredients you search for. Access this resource by visiting and entering “google recipes” into the search box. Do not miss your opportunity to integrate mushrooms into your daily diet, which adds flavor, nutrients, and variety to your eating experience.

Resources and Product Information


1. – This website has a wealth of information on medicinal mushrooms ranging from books on the subject, articles, products for sale, scientific documentation, and much, much more. Visit this website first.

2. – Article on the benefits of Maitake mushrooms.

3. (yes, even talks about the benefits of mushrooms) – Interesting facts, trivia, and science about Maitake mushrooms.

4. - article on the immune enhancing properties of Maitake mushrooms.


1. Host Defense by New Chapter. This product is at the top of the list of medicinal mushroom products. It is widely distributed and sold in the United States. It contains over 15 medicinal mushrooms. The product is available through most health food stores and online supplement stores.

2. EpiCor by Vitamin Research Products. EpiCor, which contains primarily beta glucan from mushroom sources, has specifically helped numerous Lyme Disease sufferers according to user reports. EpiCor can be purchased from many online sources, including

3. AHCC (Active Hexose Correlated Compound) by Source Naturals. According to Source Naturals, “AHCC is a proprietary compound produced by cultivation and enzymatic modification of several species of mushroom mycelia, including shiitake, grown in rice bran extract. Considered a superfood supplement in Japan, AHCC has been researched extensively for its immune-enhancement properties. According to human and animal research, AHCC may significantly increase Natural Killer (NK) Cell activity. AHCC may also increase macrophage activity, enhance cytokine production, and support the healthy functioning of the liver as well as act as an antioxidant.” Because this product is manufactured by Source Naturals, it is widely available through most health food stores and online supplement stores. Another supplement containing AHCC is ImmPower, made by The Harmony Company, available at According to a Lyme Literate Medical Doctor (LLMD) in Minnesota, ImmPower has led to significant improvement in several Lyme Disease patients.

4. Ridoxolan Plus by Aloha Medicinals, Inc. According to their website, this product is formulated specifically for Lyme Disease. This product contains primarily Cordyceps, a type of mushroom, and also several other herbal and nutritional ingredients. You can purchase this product from The website is fairly useful with FAQ’s for most of their products. A note of caution: I was unable to verify the veracity of the claim that this supplement can target Lyme Disease specifically.

5. Coriolus-MRL by Mycology Research Laboratories. This is a supplement containing raw, bulk powder of Coriolus versicolor in the form of both mycelium (vegetative branching of the mushroom) and primordia (young fruit body of the mushroom). Mycology Research Laboratories,, manufactures numerous mushroom supplements, but Coriolus-MRL is preferred for Lyme Disease because, according to some sources, it may help support CD-57 cell function, which is known to be deficient in Lyme Disease sufferers. This can be purchased from in the product section entitled “Microbial Balancers.” To learn more about CD-57 cell function in Lyme Disease, download article 104 at

6. Maitake and Shiitake mushrooms at your grocery store! Don’t forget to integrate mushrooms into your diet to gain their benefits in holistic form.

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