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Lyme-Specific Transfer Factor and Colostrum


ou may recall the topic of Lyme-specific colostrum and transfer factor addressed in my first book, Lyme Disease and Rife Machines. At the end of this article you will find an excerpt from Lyme Disease and Rife Machines that defines these supplements and explains their benefit. This article will present a few important updates on these supplements, including the discontinuation of one product and the availability of a new product.

First, I would like to address a transfer factor product known as LY-TF, sold by Immunity Today, LLC, You may remember that this product was mentioned in Lyme Disease and Rife Machines. Unfortunately, this supplement is no longer available, and, according to the manufacturer, may be unavailable for quite some time. 

Fortunately, though, a new Lyme-specific transfer factor product has become available: LymPlus, made by Researched Nutritionals (see link to left). This product provides a source of Lyme-specific transfer factor in the absence of availability of LY-TF. Take some time to review the Researched Nutritionals website, as numerous user reports have indicated that, in addition to LymPlus, their other products are also very beneficial. An additional important update on Lyme-specific colostrum is the disappearance of the Chisolm Biological Laboratory website. Chisolm’s Lyme-specific colostrum was discussed in Lyme Disease and Rife Machines. However, because that book only provided the website for this company, and not the phone number, you may have been unable to locate this product line and you may have assumed (like I did) that the product is no longer available. Thankfully, after talking with the owner of Chisolm Biological Laboratory, I learned that the company is still in business, but that their website is simply not operational anymore. Hence, if you are interested in obtaining Lyme-specific colostrum from Chisolm Biological Laboratory, you need to contact them by phone at (803) 663-9618. You can request that they mail you a catalog and relevant literature. 

If you would like to learn more about the colostrum offered by Chisolm Biological Laboratory and you desire to read an unbiased periodical article, I suggest obtaining the back issue of Alternative Medicine Magazine dated May, 2000 from, (800) 546-6707. Request issue # 35. This magazine issue describes colostrum, how it works, and gives specific reference to Chisolm Biological Laboratory and their line of products.

The beneficial effects of colostrum for Lyme Disease have been known for decades. In 1986, former congressman Berk Bedell actually hired a special farmer to create colostrum which was specific to his own strain of Lyme Disease. The congressman provided blood samples to the farmer and the farmer introduced them into a cow. The cow’s body, in response to being inoculated with Lyme Disease bacteria in the blood sample, began to then manufacture immune substances (known as antibodies) against Lyme Disease. The cow was then impregnated. When the cow provided first milk after the birth of its calf, the first milk contained colostrum that held antibodies specific to the strain of Lyme Disease the congressman was infected with. The congressman was cured of his Lyme Disease after drinking the colostrum. 

To read a detailed, 24-page story of the congressman and his experience with colostrum, read Politics in Healing, written by Daniel Haley, available at

Read about transfer factor and colostrum supplements for Lyme Disease in the above book.

Hopefully these important updates have given you the information necessary to find these products. Below is an excerpt from Lyme Disease and Rife Machines (seen at left) which defines Lyme-specific colostrum and transfer factor, and explains their benefit.


The definition of colostrum is milk secreted for a few days after parturition (birth) and characterized by high protein and antibody content. Colostrum is only produced by the mother during the first 6-36 hours (or possibly even less time) after a child is born. 

A person receives very important immune system programming from their mother during the first few days of breast feeding. This priceless first milk contains immune system programming codes that teach a young person’s immune system to fight disease. It contains proteins and nutrients that are not found in any other food source and are thus never ingested except during breast feeding. 

Often, people are not breastfed immediately following birth because of various hospital procedures. People who were born sick and kept isolated from their mother for the first few days/weeks of life are especially likely to develop immune system problems later in life due to insufficient first milk consumption. Being fed with grocery store formula instead of actual mother’s milk can also cause a person to miss this important first milk. 

But even people who did receive adequate breast feeding still benefit from supplemental colostrum. Having a chronic illness of any form is an indication that colostrums might help.

Bovine (cow) colostrum is often used as a human supplement because it has been scientifically demonstrated that bovine colostrum is biologically transferable to humans. Many scientific studies have shown the benefits of bovine colostrum in humans. Dozens of companies sell bovine colostrum, some are of higher quality and more useful than others. Colostrum from other animals, including chickens and goats, is also sometimes utilized to manufacture supplements. 

Colostrum also contains transfer factors. The definition of a transfer factor is “a substance that is produced and secreted by a lymphocyte functioning in cell-mediated immunity, and that upon incorporation into a lymphocyte which has not been sensitized, confers on it the same immunological specificity as the sensitized cell.” This means that transfer factors stimulate and modulate the immune system against infectious disease. Some companies have chosen to sell isolated transfer factors instead of whole colostrum. Transfer factors are often isolated from biological sources other than first milk. These supplements often contain specific transfer factors intended to target specific infectious organisms. Transfer factors can be contrasted with colostrum, which contains multiple antibodies for multiple infectious organisms. Colostrum also contains numerous immune system substances other than transfer factors, such as a full array of immunoglobulins, while transfer factor is often an isolated formula of just one ingredient.

Some people choose to use both colostrum and a transfer factor supplement. The degree to which colostrum and/or transfer factor is beneficial depends largely on the supplement. Some people get tremendous benefit while others do not. 

Colostrum and transfer factor supplements actually induce your own immune system to begin fighting Lyme Disease more effectively. Because your immune system is the most important weapon against Lyme Disease, colostrum and transfer factor are very valuable tools. 


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